Psalm 139 Scripture Memory Challenge 2011: Verse 17


Hello! Hello! Hello… my long-not-lost friends!


Well, my summer sabbatical from blogging has come to an end and I am so happy to be back at my keyboard visiting with you! I have missed you!! Have you had a good summer? I hope so! Has yours been full of vacationing and travel, or resting and relaxing? Hopefully a little of all of that made its way to the pages of your calendar this summer.

By God’s mercy and grace, and at the generosity of some dear friends, JT and I were able to escape some of this dreaded Texas heat. In case you don’t live here or don’t own a television or any kind of electronic communication, the “Great State of Texas” has nearly burned up this summer with scorching days of intense heat averaging 105 degrees…and with barely a spit of rain here and there (here are the pictures to prove it)-

Serious Heat!

104 degrees at 9 at night!


Seriously- does every cotton-pickin’ thing have to be BIGGER IN TEXAS?!?! It’s high time for this heat to take a sabbatical for about… FOREVER! And I don’t mean to make a joke of it because it has seriously been serious, folks. Cattle have suffered horribly not to mention vegetation. You know it’s bad when your God-fearing Governor, none other than Rick (running-for-president) Perry, makes a plea on national TV to “pray to the Lord for rain on Texas”. So KEEP PRAYING!

I know Texas isn’t the only one “suffering” this summer and so our prayers are with all of those who have been hit by heat and storms. Oh, and then there’s this: One of our summer jaunts led JT and I to Seattle in July where the locals there were lamenting their lack of summer with high temps in the high 60’s to lower 70’s, to which I replied, “Summer ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Grab a hoodie and get over it.” (I didn’t really say it just like that.) :-) You know what I mean. Anyway… it’s hot, and there’s really no point in talking about it. So for all my fam and friends in Florida who so lovingly remind me weekly that, “The news says you’re having record-breaking heat in Dallas!” my reply is, “Really?” Btw- we actually came just 18 hours shy of officially breaking the heat record for hottest consecutive days without rain, set in the summer of 1980. And as a friend shared with me last night, “It seems a shame to suffer all this heat and not break some kind of a record.” Sick, but true.

OK, back to blogging about something more edifying. Psalm 139: Are you still with me? Have you been keeping up? We are up to verse 17 for September 1st:

“How precious to me are Your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them!” (Psalm 139:17 NIV84)

God is thinking about you, dear one! He’s always thinking so personally about you. He’s been thinking about you since before you were born. In fact, long before He created this earth, He thought of you. You! And He thought so much about you, as David writes, and in so many different ways that they are innumerable… too many to even count. So, what do you suppose He was thinking when He first thought of you? Remember- He made you to be a one-of-a-kind woman or man. There is nobody else like you.
You are… you-nique!

So spend a little time thinking about what God might have been thinking about you; your physical attributes as well as your talents and abilities, your giftedness, your life and the plans and purposes He thought for you. Think about God thinking about you- and maybe share it with us in the comments on this blog. We’ll talk more about the thoughts God thinks about us later. In the meantime know this…

You are greatly and dearly loved by the King!

xo – P


Psalm 139 Scripture Memory Challenge 2011: Verses 9 and 10

“If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea,
even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.

Psalm 139:9-10

Worry.  Worry really is useless energy; it’s wasted time; it’ll suck the life right out of you and me and it doesn’t accomplish a dang thing (Matthew 6:27).  Worry is a mental preoccupation of anxious care over something we’re trying desperately to keep under our own control.  Worry, quite simply, reveals our unbelief and testifies to our lack of trust in the providence of God and the authority of His Word. Worry, in fact, is… sin.  When Apostle Paul reminds us in Philippians 4:-6 that we are to worry about absolutely nothing, he states it as a command, saying in as much, “Stop worrying!”- because it’s just not the character of a child of God.

So, what’s the answer to the worry that plagues us?  Get a grip!  Yes, get a grip on the fact that God’s got a grip on you!  As King David reminds us… “your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast”

Whatever it is that you are fretting you sweet brains out over… GOD’S GOT IT!  And the important thing is GOD’S GOT YOU!  You can trust that nothing but nothing touches you that He is not perfectly and thoroughly aware of… and has allowed.  And if it’s something big and scary then just know this, dear one, that He has predetermined some profound purpose from it.  Profound purpose!

So what’s got you worried?  Financial strain, marriage struggles, health issues or a soon-to-be empty nest?  Right now take your fear, your worry, your anxious care and remind yourself in praying, “Lord, I will not worry about __________ because your hand guides me and your right hand will hold me fast!”  That’s a promise.

Now… you go get a grip on the fact that His almighty “hand” has a loving grip on you!

Pressing on… in His grip!

xo – P